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What are the peach levels and how to they work?

All our classes are categorized by peach level. One peach is our “chill pill” level, meaning gentle slow flow yoga classes or level 1 FlowLIFT classes.  Two peaches is our “righteous flow” level, where most vinyasa classes fall.  Vinyasa is a flow style class that has a great balance of poses for both strength and flexibility.  Last, but certainly not least, is our three-peach level called “hella buff.” These type of classes are strong vinyasa classes that have advanced poses, such as deep backbends, arm balances, inversions and binds.  Under this three-peach category are also our regular, super sweaty FlowLIFT classes.

What is FlowLIFT?

FlowLIFT is a vinyasa-inspired workout that we created in 2016. We typically use 2.5 lb. ankle weights and 3 lb. dumbbells. However, you can use less weight or no weights at all when you’re starting out.  The class is a seamless flow of compound moves that work your entire body every single time.  If you’re a beginner we suggest doing the beginner program to get your feet wet or sort our classes by “1 peach” FlowLIFT, which moves at a slower pace and has simpler moves.  FlowLIFT starts with a short warmup and then dives right into movement combinations in squats, lunges, planks and a crowd-pleasing all-four series. The regular FlowLIFT classes (3 peaches) have 10-15 reps of each move, while the one-peach classes have 8-12 reps of easier moves at a slower pace.

What type of yoga classes does your site have?

Most of our yoga classes are either slow flow, which are haha-based, and vinyasa classes.  Our slow flow classes are 1 peach level, meaning they are gentler and easier to do.  Our vinyasa classes are either 2 or 3 peach levels, depending on level of difficulty. You can also sort our classes by “kundalini” to access a breathing/mantra/chanting style of yoga that focuses on energy activation, breath control and meditation.

I’m a beginner and I don’t know what to do.

Don’t worry, we created a program just for you.  Head over to the nav and click on the “move your büddhi” drop-down.  The top link is called “beginner büddhis.” Here you will find a page with our six-week beginner program that is meant to ease you into our method of yoga and FlowLIFT.  Each week we lead you through a series of progressive classes that will get you strong and flexi in no time!

How do I find the type of classes I want?

Go to the nav and click the “move your buddhi” drop down.  Select the “all classes” option to get to our entire library of classes. Here you will find a long, white search bar that will help you filter by type of class (yoga, FlowLIFT), peach level, instructor, time, or focus.  Play around with it and try all types of classes to get the full büddhi experience.

How do I save my favorite classes so they’re easy to find later?

Once you find a video you like, click on the lighting bolt on the bottom left of the video.  This saves the video to your favorites list, which can be found at the very bottom of your dashboard.  Access the dashboard by clicking “my büddhi” on the top right hand corner of our site.

I like being told what to do.  Is there a weekly schedule I can follow?

Yes! We have a weekly schedule ready for you under the “move your büddhi” drop down called “weekly recos.”  Here you will find our weekly suggested classes based on peach level.  If you want to take it easy, do the classes under the one peach section.  If you want take it up a notch, try the two peach classes, and if you’re ready for a real booty-kickin’, select the classes under the three peach section.

How do I cancel my membership?

Go to your dashboard on “my buddhi” and click on the link in the upper lefthand of your dashboard that says “my deets my deets.” Click on the “manage my billing on stripe” button.  Log in to stripe and cancel your account.

How often should I take classes?

Some people do a class a day, while others like to space out their workout/yoga schedule. Our ideal week looks like this: On Monday, Wednesday and Friday we like to do regular FlowLIFT classes (45 min) and on two other days of the week, such as Tuesday/Thursday or Tuesday/Saturday, we 60-minute yoga classes.  Try out different combinations and see how it feels!

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