büddhi methodology

büddhi is 2 distinct forms of movement working together to create a more balanced you.

Built to suit your needs.  The most flexible and complete program designed to meet your skill level and help you stay consistent. 

lets goooo!

get all goosey' n' loosey
y'all know büddhi got the #1 tools
we got your back

treat yourself to a lil' Stretchy-poo. we simplified & modernized yoga...
come 'n' stretch yo' mind & büddhi...
so relax, bruh

the only workout
you’ll ever need.

bruh, this workout is nuts!
a total body a**kicker & it mos' def checks all the boxes! ruh

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.animated-gradient {
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-webkit-background-clip: text;
-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;
-webkit-animation: hue 15s infinite linear;
}@-webkit-keyframes hue {
 from {
   -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(0deg);
 to {
   -webkit-filter: hue-rotate(-360deg);

“I love the online classes. I alternate between FlowLIFT and Yoga because it truly is the perfect combination for both strength and stretching! I love büddhi!”

Bárbara Cogua
Chilly Mcgill
New York City, ny
Check our Erin' büddhi experience, she loves her FlowLIFT workout gear and her weights